Welcome to the Georgetown Church of Christ South Carolina

History of the Congregation in Georgetown South Carolina


  • 1948 - Congregation first met in Plantersville
  • 1949 - After few tent meetings, the congregation began to grow
  • 1954 - The Kensington community, because of it growth, was chosen as the place to build a permanent building.  The first construction began with many of the members doing the work
  • 1958 - The "little white church on the corner" added additional classrooms and a preacher's office
  • 1968 - Because of its growth, the present building was constructed, complete with a large auditorium and classrooms
  • 1992 - The fellowship hall was added to the building
  • Early 2000 - An audio-visual room was added to allow for the projection of the word of the hymns and scriptures being used during the assembly
  • 2005- New carpeting added, upgrading of walls and interior lighting
  • 2006 - A web site added http://www.churchofchristatgeorgetown.org to share God's Word