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Lessons from House to House
September/October 2011

My advice to Parents of Athletes
Biblical Christianity
Marriage Enrichment: Building a Successful Relationship
Marriage Enrichment: Part 2
Marriage Enrichment: Part 3
Are You Sure You Are Saved?
Evolution is Religion, Not Science
Evolution is Religion, Not Science Part 2
The Triune Nature of God
A Teenager Named Joseph
A Teenager Named Joseph Part 2

Lessons from House to House
May/June 2011

Judge Not One Another
God's Love for Man
Proverbs for Youth: Watch Your Companions
The Battle for the Soul
Assurance of Forgiveness
How to identify the Church
Which Way Should a Grave Face?

Lessons from House to House
March/April 2011

 Why Churches of Christ Do Not Use Instumental Music
How to Live the Guilt Free Life

Lessons from House to House
January/Febuary 2011

Global Warming - Science or Religion?
How to be Saved Like the Thief on the Cross
Jesus Loves Me This I Know
Mary's First Communion
The Roman Road to Salvation
What About Guardian Angels?
Why I GaveUp atheism For Christianity