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Lessons by J. Vernon McGee

Can We Still Believe the Bible Is the Word of GOD?

The Tears of GOD

Remember Jesus Christ

Psalm of an Old Shepherd  (Psalm 23)

The Best Love  (Ephesians 5)

The Dark Side of Love  (Zephaniah)

The Gospel in the Gates of Jerusalem  (Nehemiah 3)

The Greatest Sin in All the World  (Hosea)

The Potter and the Clay  (Jeremiah 18)

When God Flexes His Muscles  (Ezekiel 37)

Why the Bible is the Best Selling But Least Read


Lessons from Soar Conference
Myths that are Taught as Truth to our Teenagers

Baptism is NOT Necessry for Salvation

People with Tatoos, Piercings and Body Mods WILL go to HELL

I DON'T really have to attend services (go to church)

GOD ONY uses perfect people

Unless it is CLEARLY a sin, I can do it!

Your Past is Unforgiveable

Truth is Relative and Changes

If GOD was Good and Powerfull Bad Things Wouldn't Happen

I DON'T need GOD until I am Older

Jesus Savior or Fraud?

GOD is great!!

Part 1 In Six (6) Billion Years GOD made earth..

Part 2 In Six (6) Billion Years GOD made earth.

Part 1 Timmy never saw a T-Rex

Part 2 Timmy never saw a T-Rex

The MEDIA has NO affect on me!!

Part 1 Myth Busters

Part 2 Myth Busters

Part 3 Myth Busters

The BIBLE isn't real!!!

GOD doesn't wnat YOU to have FUN!!!